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Pangaea Fitness & Training was created by Louise when she decided to branch out into the community with her classes and personal training sessions. ‘Pangaea’ pronounced ‘pan-gee-ah’ was actually the name of the last super continent when all of the continents, countries and islands that we know today were brought together as this one super continent. Louise felt that this would be a fitting name to reflect the concept of bringing ‘health & fitness’ together as one complements the other.

Louise Grafton-Mitchell

Louise was a Level 4 member of European Register of Exercise Professionals (Ereps) whilst living in Lanzarote and is now a member of Fitness Professionals. Louise has a wide and extensive range of experience in teaching classes both in the Community and for public and private health clubs, in addition to personally training individuals, small groups and other instructors. Having worked in the leisure, health & fitness industries for over 20 years Louise is passionate about helping people to optimise their well being through improved health, nutrition and fitness.

Her experience in the Leisure, Health & Fitness Industries has included the following:

  • Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor
  • Metabolic Effect Female Fat Loss Formula Instructor
  • Metabolic Effect Nutritional Consultant 1 (ME-NC1)
  • Aerobics, Aqua, Step, Ante & Post Natal, Fitness Pilates Instructor
  • Clubbercise, INSANITY & PiYo Instructor
  • Course Director, Tutor and Assessor for various fitness & health related courses & qualifications
  • Sports Studies lecturer and assessor
  • Fit Kids Coach, Swimming instructor, Gymnastics coach
  • Sports Development Team Leader
  • Sports Centre & Theatre Manager
  • Play Scheme Manager
  • Health Programme Co-ordinator with responsibility for the Exercise Referral Programme for three sites managed by Nexus Community (now part of GLL)

Louise's academic and practical qualifications include:

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)
  • MBA Sports and Leisure Management
  • BA (Hons) Leisure Management
  • A1 Assessors Award
  • Metabolic Effect Nutritional Consultant 1
  • Postural Analysis & Movement Correction
  • PiYo Instructor ProTeam Member
  • Clubbercise Instructor
  • INSANITY Instructor ProTeam Member
  • Metabolic Effect Female Fat Loss Formula Instructor
  • Fitness Pilates Core Fitness
  • RSA Exercise to Music
  • HFI Certified Fitness Instructor
  • YMCA Step
  • BACR Phase IV Cardiac Rehab
  • YMCA Aqua Exercise to Music
  • YMCA Ante/Post Natal
  • YMCA Supple Strength
  • YMCA Cardio Kick
  • YMCA Nutrition & Weight Management
  • YMCA Dance Style Aerobics
  • Fit Kids
  • Speedo Deep Water Certification
  • Freestyle Fitness Yoga
  • ASA Swimming Teachers Certificate
  • Class 4 General Gymnastics

In addition, Louise is first aid qualified and, to keep her training and qualifications up to date, regularly attends industry conventions, workshops and courses.

Louise is passionate about the industry within which she has chosen to make her career and she is a firm advocate of improving the health and fitness of all through creating classes and personal training programmes that fit the needs of all her clients.

New Instuctor

Due to the expansion of Pangaea Fitness & Training a new member of the Team, Alice Groom, will be starting her journey in the Health & Fitness world. Alice successfully pased the Exercise to Music Course in November and she will start teaching classes in April 2016 on Wednesday evenings and here's a little introduction to Alice from the lady herself!

Alice Groom

I'm a twenty-something event designer working for a London Florist, who, for some reason, loves nothing more than doing a blast of press-ups or even worse Burpees...I know it sounds bizarre but for someone who could barley attempt a press up, let alone know what a Burpee was I could finally, after months of trying, do ten of them in a row without flopping to the ground in despair! I loved the feeling of achieving something I thought I would never be able to do, something that really appealed to me when I got into Teaching; working with people to achieve their goals, whether weight related, to tone up or just to relieve stress.I have always been a very active person with a passion for taking part in exercise, but at the same time love nothing more than a lazy day binge watching films, oh and Sweets!! Exercise is fun, energising and rewarding so take part and get reaching your goals, no matter how small!


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Tropic Skincare Ambassador
Fitness Pilates
Member of European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPs)
Member of European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPs)