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Happy New Year,

2016, wow! It's here already, I genuinely hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year and that you're ready to get going with 2016. 

I've spent a bit of time making adjustments to the Classes Timetable and the Terms & Conditions which I have attached - please do check these out as there have been some amendments to pricing, timings and class descriptions - copy and paste the following link into your web browser to download and open the Terms and Conditions:

The Timetable kicks off on Tuesday 5th January 2016, there is a FREE Health & Fitness evening on Thursday 7th January at Piddington Village Hall and then Thursday classes will revert back to the timetable on Thursday 14th January - at the moment I have KSFL and Body Blast in the 6 - 7pm slot but, depending upon how the Health & Fitness Evening goes, this can be changed - I just want to see which classes are more popular and are wanted by you all. 

Don't forget that I am putting two new offers every day onto my website offers page - all of the offers will be available up to and including Thursday 7th January, it's been great to see some of you already taking advantage of them. If you too want to take advantage of these offers then please click on the following link  and just scroll down the page to find the offers that are suitable for you -  To avoid the PayPal charges please message me for online bank transfer details.

The FREE Health & Fitness Evening is being held this Thursday 7th January 2016 at the Village Hall in Piddington from 6 - 9pm - all you need to do is come along to the sessions that you're interested in to give them a try - please do let me know though so that I can put you on the list!!


I'm also really excited to be launching a KSFL Juice Up, Shape Up, Slim Down Juice Detox on Monday 11th January and ... I'm offering it at 50% off, as it's the first one of this kind, up to and including Thursday 7th January - it's great because it's not just about juicing, it also includes actual meals, soups and so on meaning you can actually eat food as well and it's more about getting back on track than 'dieting' as such. I'll be sending details out in a separate email so keep an eye out for it!!

Going forward with the emails I'll still be sending a weekly info one like this about classes, courses, products and so on to keep you updated plus I'll be looking to send out a more knowledge based, educational type email about nutrition, health, fitness, wellness, mind-set - similar to the one I sent about alcohol before Christmas - so if there's anything you want to know more about then please let me know and I'll cover it for you

Have a great rest of the week, keep in touch and I will do so too :-)



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