Forget the New Year Resolutions, it's time to get focused!

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Prior to the commencement of 2016 the wonderful, inspirational lady, Jill Coleman, with whom I am now being mentored by as part of her Best of You (BOY) Club, wrote a post on her Facebook about ‘.how adopting a "theme" for the next year’ for her, ‘is always helpful’ and that 'conscious words/phrases remind (her) of the life (she) wants to create and the things (she) wants to experience.' 

It got me thinking, normally I'm a New Year's Resolutions type of gal, but if I had to choose what would be my ‘theme’, my mantra’, my 'word' for 2016, would it be helpful, would it be something positive for me to do, do I need one? Jill asked for other people to post what theirs would be so I had a read of what these other people put and kept going round and round in my mind thinking, wondering, what would I choose, there were so many that could apply!

One word though kept popping into my mind though, focus, I’ll say it again, focus, and again, FOCUS!! For way too long I have allowed distractions to get in my way despite needing to get things done, the distractions have been stopping me progressing, in fact at times they have completely stalled me. I am also one of the World’s best procrastinators, even if I absolutely love what I am doing I will still find ways to procrastinate – even as I’ve been writing this I’ve managed to become distracted and procrastinate – aaarrggghh! There are, of course, other words/phrases. themes/mantras that I can, and will, use, to help me achieve what I want to achieve this year but the main one is going to have to be TO FOCUS because, as Jill says, I need to #GSD (‘Get Shit Done’ for the unaware!!)

I’m not expecting it to be easy but I am expecting to apply myself more, to learn to be ‘me’ again and find ‘my’ voice and my passion through focusing on what I need to get done to achieve this.

So, how did I decide on Focus, how did I decide that this was ‘my’ main word/theme/mantra for 2016?

1: I asked myself what I wanted to achieve this year and the type of person I want to be.

2: I looked back over previous years when I ‘made’ resolutions and never stuck to them and asked myself why I didn’t. Oh I had every good intention to do so but guess what got in the way? Yep distractions and procrastination!

3: I asked myself what do I need to do to achieve what I want to achieve and how can I make this happen.

So, no New Year’s resolutions for me, I’ve kinda gone off them now, I'm looking forward to 'Focusing' on GSD in 2016 - maybe you're someone as well who wants to come away from the New Years' Resolutions so why not have a think, and ask yourself if you had to choose a ‘theme’, a ‘mantra’, a 'word' what would you choose and why.







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