Change is scary but necessary to progress and move forward

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So ... We've now had the EU Referendum and I've been absent for a few days, not from life as such, but definitely social media. I've been tapping in and out but not felt particularly able to say anything, not coherently anyway.

Prior to, during, and after the EU referendum I had many thoughts going through my mind and it didn't seem possible to put them across in any type of organised, flowing way that would make any type of sense. Normally in these situations I would just write and then edit as necessary but, for some reason, I was unable to do this and I've been asking myself why this is, why when I feel that I have so much to say have I not been able to say it.

I feel that the current atmosphere of uncertainty and of pending change is affecting everyone, albeit in different ways & perhaps this is the way in which it is affecting me. With a mind like mine that is always in thought mode it isn't always easy to process and sort all the thoughts that go through it and, when your mind is being pulled in more than one direction, then it becomes that bit harder.

Change isn't easy for everyone, especially when the change is not expected or wanted, and especially when the outcome is not known. I'm going through some changes in my own life at the moment and they're quite scary changes to contemplate and to be about to go through. Whilst I'm sure that they are the right changes for me to make, there's always an element of doubt that exists and, until the changes happen, this doubt will remain, so I have to develop strategies to manage this. If I let the doubt take over then I would never make changes and I would always stay where I am, not allowing myself to progress.

The changes facing us all in the UK are unique for our times and not everyone is quite sure how to deal with, or manage, the uncertainty. Change and uncertainty can be good though, it is how we react to it and how we go forward with it that determines the effect it will have on us. No, we can't necessarily control the decisions that will be made but we can adopt a positive attitude towards the change, we can decide to embrace it, we can decide to see it as a challenge to work through in order to progress and move forward.

If we want to be able to best manage and benefit from change, our minds have to be able to be welcome, and be open, to change. No we may not all have wanted the outcome that resulted but we can try to open our minds and see how we can work with, rather than against it. Not always easy but definitely possible.






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