Why the name 'Pangaea Training'?

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I had been teaching classes and working in the health, fitness and leisure industries for a long long time before I finally branched out into the community with my own style of health and fitness classes and personal training. For  a while I plodded along just teaching them under the name of whatever type of class I was teaching always thinking that I really must come up with a name for what was now becoming a bigger and more diversified business. It's said that ideas come to you at random times, or from random things, and this was no exception - one Sunday afternoon watching a programme about Volcanos (as you do on Sunday afternoons!) and they mentioned Pangaea, the name of the last super continent when all of the continents, countries and islands that we know today were brought together as this one super continent. It was a lightbulb moment for me as I thought hey what I'm doing is kind of like bringing things together, the 'things' being, health and fitness - this is what I was wanting to achieve in the work I was doing and ‘Pangaea’ pronounced ‘pan-gee-ah’ I felt would be a fitting name to reflect the concept of bringing ‘health & fitness’ together as one complements the other.



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Member of European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPs)